International Conference on Instrumentation, Communication, and Information Technology (ICICI) 2022

Oct 27-28, 2022 | Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia




The Industrial Revolution 4.0 has brought changes to the world. Various new technologies such as cloud computing, Internet of things, Big Data, artificial intelligence, Blockchain, and advance robotics have changed the way people work and live their lives. Internet of things or also known as IoT, is a technology that aims to expand the benefits of continuously connected internet connectivity. As for the benefits provided such as data sharing, remote control, and so on, all of which are connected to a global network by utilizing embedded sensors that are always active. Basically, IoT refers to objects that can be uniquely identified as virtual representations in the structure of internet-based systems. In practice, IoT cannot be separated from the manufacture and programming of devices that support the system so that they can run and interact with each other. With this program, it can be ensured that there is communication between IoT supporting devices that occurs intensively, with fellow devices themselves or with external devices. The application of IoT then opens up new solutions as outlined in the concept of smart city, smart health, smart transportation, smart building, smart farming, and so on.

The mastery of the Indonesian people regarding IoT is still very minimal, even though the ability to apply IoT will be very useful for increasing productivity and solving various problems in society. This International Conference on Instrumentation, Communication, and Information Technology (ICICI) activity aims to disseminate IoT programming knowledge to beginners, as a basis for mastering IoT application and IoT learning at the next level. The Bandung Institute of Technology as a knowledge development institution can have an important role in helping researchers, lecturers, students, teachers and students understand and prepare for the era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0. The International Conference on Instrumentation, Communication, and Information Technology (ICICI) activity is one of the activities that is a means of contributing universities to the community, including in providing knowledge and skills related to the Internet of things as one of Industry 4.0 technologies.


Computational Science

  • Internet of Things
  • Cloud Computing
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data
  • Augmented Reality
  • System Integration
  • Imaging and Image Processing
  • Pattern recognition
  • Neural and Fuzzy Technologies

Electronic and Devices

  • Data Acquisition
  • Analog and Digital Signal Processing
  • Compressive Sensing
  • System Identification and Control
  • Communication Networks
  • Wireless Communication
  • Power Line Communication

Control Theory

  • Communication Theory
  • Bioinformatics
  • Modeling Sensor and Actuator Design
  • Physical and Chemical Effects
  • Biosensor & Design
  • System Design
  • Self-Test and Built-in Test
  • Fault Tolerance and Diagnosis
  • Integrated and Intelligent System
  • Microsystems
  • Innovative Concepts

Instrumentation and Measurement

  • Autonomous Robot
  • 3D Printing
  • Automobiles Applications
  • Flight Applications
  • Space Sciences
  • Manufacturing Automation
  • Process, Manufacturing & Control
  • Reactor Safety
  • Automated test and Measurement
  • Autonomous System
  • Robotic
  • Intelligent Building

Medical Physics

  • Biomedical Signal Processing
  • Biomedical Imaging & Image Processing
  • Biomedical Instrumentation
  • E-Health, Tele-Medicine and Tele-Homecare
  • Biomechanics & Rehabilitation Engineering
  • Biomaterials, Cellular & Tissue Engineering
  • Bioengineered Therapeutics, Devices and Drug Delivery
  • Biomedical System Modeling & Analysis
  • Neuroengineering

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Keynote Speaker

* to be confirmed

Prof. Yusaku Fujii
Prof. Yusaku Fujii

Gunma University, Japan*

Prof. Hong Joo Kim
Prof. Hong Joo Kim

Kyungpook National University, South of Korea *

Prof. Dr. Jakrapong Kaewkhao
Prof. Dr. Jakrapong Kaewkhao

Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University, Thailand

Dr. Mati Horprathum
Dr. Mati Horprathum

NECTEC, Thailand

Prof. Kuwat Triyana
Prof. Kuwat Triyana

Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia

Prof. Suprijadi
Prof. Suprijadi

Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia

Important Date

Deadline of abstract submission: 5 October 2022

Announcement of abstract submission: 7 October 2022

Deadline of early bird registration payment: 10 October 2022

Deadline of normal registration payment: 17 October 2022

Deadline of full article submission: 24 October 2022

Seminar Day: 27-28 October 2022


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Journal of Engineering and Technology Sciences

Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Indonesia


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International Conference on Instrumentation, Communication, and Information Technology (ICICI) 2022

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